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A place where you can indulge in great food, enjoy unique moments and share many laughs.

A place
where choice
intersects with exclusivity.

A place where you can have a seat at the chef’s counter, at an intimate table for two, a family of six or even a communal one.

A place where you can witness fresh ingredients being transformed into art, and bites into smiles.

A place where you take an integral part of everything.

Welcome to


Feria allows you to showcase your creativity, interact with your customer, be the star without sacrificing flexibility, efficiency, and quality at scale. The options are limited only by your imagination and supported by the in-house logistics.

Stop looking…
found it.

If you’re looking to establish a footprint, upgrade to a full operation, downsize but keep a high profit hospitality business, test a new concept, or just dip your toes in the DC market, all without depleting your cash reserves, then Feria is for you.

You belong
with us.

Feria is the perfect solution for restaurateurs or chefs looking to open their first independent operation. Sommeliers,
Pop-Up offerings, caterers and food-truck owners can also get into a brick-and-mortar operation and finally start growing.

From take-out-friendly logistics to full-service, seat-in dining with in-house designed dinnerware, Feria delivers a complete experience, beyond just food.

Feria’s spaces have been carefully designed by hospitality architects; beauty transformed into an optimal workflow between the diner and the host space, indoors and outdoors.

Feria incorporates a hybrid take on retail/restaurant operations, increasing the profit ratio while allowing the operator to serve everyone in the premises without lines or barriers.

You can tailor your operation using an open-market experience, or structure your experience into an exclusive, reservation-only, chef’s table type offering, a mix of all of them, or make it simply a seasonal happening… Your Feria space is whatever you want it to be!

The most efficient entry point
in the segment:

Operate with fully-equipped, up to industry standards kitchens, and unleash the creative forces in you.
Enjoy private dry and refrigerated storage space, ensuring your raw materials are available to you when you need them.

Share in a communal preparation area, increasing efficiency for all operators in Feria.

The easiest
process in
the segment:

Short-term leases (2-year or less, renewable)
Lease payments based on monthly ticket sales, increasing business sustainability.

Operate under a master business license, eliminating bureaucracy and permit nightmares.

Eliminate furniture and heavy equipment from your start-up costs.

Ability to use our kitchen for special events.

Take advantage of the unique synergy created by complementary retail businesses; Chocolatier, Charcuterie, Italian Coffee Roaster, Gelato, etc.

Take advantage of the unique synergy created by complementary retail businesses; Chocolatier, Charcuterie, Italian Coffee Roaster, Gelato, etc.

Significant outdoor seating and centralized delivery platform available for all Feria tenants.
Last, but not least, your dream of becoming the “in” place to eat won’t require the raising of unthinkable capital or partners to deal with due to greatly reduced starting costs.
Feria applies qualitative and quantitative data to drive business and to refine and optimize our model for the benefit of its operators. Your success is our success.

Real-time, cloud-based reporting for sales and labor metrics. Get your finger in your kitchen’s pulse at any moment, from anywhere.

Feria creates an economy of scale, where all operators benefit from a shared buying power; be yourself while harnessing the power of the Feria brand.

Enjoy the mentoring and counsel of in-house hospitality experts, as well from external consultants.

Leave the marketing to the experts. Feria has contracted the best minds and artists in the market to position ourselves in top of mind of all DC/VA/MD residents, so you can concentrate in what you do best… Food. We’ll build it, and they will come.

A variety of offerings increases the appeal to the consumer. Diversity is strength. Choice is power. Feria is the culmination of a long thought process turned into a culinary reality, and this opportunity is yours too.

Times have changed, and with it, the food and hospitality industry. At Feria, we are conscious of our social responsibility in the health of our community. From large area for outdoor seating, to frustration-free contactless payment and ordering, to standardized safety and food-handling protocols following local and federal regulations, Feria will strive to provide a safe space for operators, employees, and customers.

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